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Question We are experience poor ESD performance on our current epoxy floor. The surface resistance readings are 1x10^12 ohms. What can we do to fix this problem? - Anonymous, Sylmar, CA
Answer Regarding the poor performance of your current epoxy floor, the high readings (10^12 ohms) you are experiencing are most likely caused by the general FDA approved cleaner you are using. General cleaners may leave silicon or other insulative residue on the floor, resulting in high surface resistance performance. I recommend that you use our Statproof® floor cleaner on your epoxy floor to remove this insulative buildup. In addition, it is recommended to use our cleaner for general maintenance and cleaning to ensure your floor is clear of silicon and other insulative residues that general cleaners may leave behind. General experience with ESD epoxy floors is that there may be an electrical resistance unevenness found over the floors surface. This can be corrected by applying our Statproof® floor finish program. This will electrically smooth out the floor's surface resistance for consistency and compliance to ANSI/ESD S7.1 and ESD DS20.20 for floors.
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