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Question Our company is purchasing heel and foot grounders from you and we would like to know if it is necessary to remove your socks when you put on the heel grounders or is it the natural perspiration that will induce conduction between the conductive tab of the heel grounder and the socks of the user, how about if the wearer uses thick socks like sports socks, so what is your recommendation? - George, manila, Philippines
Answer Traditionally, the conductive tab of the foot grounded is placed between the inner sole and the bottom of sock (heel and/or ball of foot) when worn by the operator. The operator shouldn’t need to remove their sock in order to obtain a sufficient conductive electrical path from the skin of the foot to the conductive tab. This is attained, as you stated, by the sweat layer (moisture) from your foot retained in the sock. There are some folks who have very dry skin or do not perspire sufficiently to complete the electrical path. In these cases, a shin-band foot grounder, can be used or simply place the long conductive tab in between the foot and the shin.
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