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Question We're developing a prototype device that has a large video monitor inside. The surface of the glass video screen develops a static field which occasionally causes small sparks to jump across to very nearby metal components, and also to anybody that comes in contact with those metal parts. Is there a simple solution to this phenomena, such as grounding, etc? Thanks. - Anonymous, Ojai, CA
Answer The surface of the glass video screen is being charged up to very high potential, probably from the high energy electrons colliding on the inside surface. This high potential is yielding a very high electric field that drives the discharges you are experiencing to nearby objects. Grounding will definetely help. Coating the outer surface of the glass with a conductive topical material and grounding this will reduce the accumulated net charge to a less volitile level. You can try applying Reztore® topical antistat which is static dissipative to the outer glass surface and attach a ground cord to the glass surface (you can strip ~1/4" of an end on a braided wire and secure this end to an edge or corner of the glass).
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