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Question I'm interested in the foot grounders but I'm not aware of what the ESD floor requirements or specs are. Do you have any info (in layman's terms please) on what would have to be done to test the floor for ESD compliance and/or what would have to be done for it to meet compliance? - Anonymous, Ashburn, VA
Answer An ESD floor should be greater than 1x10^5 Ohms and less than 1x10^9 Ohms according to EIA-625 standard. The ESD Association has a draft standard, ESD DSTM54.1-1997, that incorporates both the floor material and footwear in combination when measuring resistance. This is actually a testing method and doesn't specify or recommend working a resistance range. To actually test the floor the standard, ANSI/ESD-S7.1-1994, has a specific test method that uses two five pound probes and driving voltages of 10 and 100 Volts. Our meter was designed to be used with this test method.
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