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Question I have a "fluidized bed" of polystyrene beads - essentially a bunch of beads in a glass cylinder being continually agitated with a steady stream of air from below (a frit keeps the beads from falling down into the air source). As you can imagine, I generate tremendous static which causes the beads to stick to the glass walls, or to each other which prevents their continuous agitation. Do you have a treatment system - for continuous use - which I can use to ionize the compressed air as it enters the system (and will that solve my problem)? Or alternatively, do you have a material or solution spray coating that I can apply to the beads and glass to prevent the static problem?-Anonymous, San Diego, CA
Answer You can try using our Reztore™ Topical Antistat. Antistatic, keeps triboelectric charges well below 200 volts per EIA-625. Hard coat formula offers protection that lasts four times as long as the other leading brands. Static dissipative - provides a safe path to ground. Non-toxic, safe to use. Removes contaminating particulate, minimizing possible ESD events. This is not a permanent solution as the treatment is topical and will wear with abrasion. Another solution is to use ionization, either compressed air ionization below the beads, or overhead ionizers above the beads.
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