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Question Does DI water high resistivity can induce ESD damage on ESD-sensitive products? If it can damage then what's the resistivityrange? - Anonymous, Philippines
Answer Separating the ESD ground from the equipment ground is not usually recommended, as you can see from the ESD Association's grounding standard: ANSI-EOS/ESD S6.1-19914.1.1 Every element to be grounded at an ESD protected station shall be connected to the same common point ground. See figure 1, 2 and 3. When a separate grounding electrode (auxiliary ground) is present or used in addition to the equipment grounding conductor it shall be bonded to the equipment ground at each ESD protective station to minimize the difference in potential.4.1.3 Isolated ground receptacles should not be used to derive an ESD ground. The use of an isolated ground for ESD purposes may compromise the isolated ground's performance. See figure 4.Unless the ESD Protected work area does not employ any electrical equipment, using the equipment power ground as the ESD ground is highly recommended to keep the ground reference potential the same between the ESD ground and the Power ground. If a potential difference exist, as it could with two independent grounding systems, there is a risk of an ESD event occurring just between the two grounding systems.
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