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Question Would like to know effect static buildup on EPPROM chips when exposed to lighting storm sample hottub on outside, - Anonymous, Honeybrook, PN
Answer I am not sure I fully understand your question, but will attempt an answer. An EPPROM chip, if it is out in the open is susceptible to static problems that may occur within its vicinity. If the body of the chip or its input/output (I/O) connectors (pins, legs, contacts) are exposed to a large enough electric field can become charged. If it is then discharged to ground or other potential different from itself, there is a chance an ESD event could occur within the chip or its I/Os causing potential damage. A lightning storm is a severe case of an ESD. If a bolt fell close to a sensitive device or chip, there is a great possibility that damage may have occurred to the chip because of the magnitude of the resulting EMI generated inducing a large enough static charge on a conductor within the chip. Once a device is charged, it is controlling its discharge that is critical to the survival of the component.
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