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Question Our company Proton Energy builds hydor-generators. What would be your recommended procedure for grounding personnel who are working on equipment that has h-40 current/voltage input: 200-205 vac 50/60hz single phase typical current = 30 amps cb rated at 60 amps but it can generate up to 60vdc 150 amps for 1 unit. The other unit input 100-200 vdc 50/60 hz single phase typical current 3.5 amps fused 10 amps power supply output 10v @ 20 amps 12v @ 4.2 amps 5v @ 10 amps. If you can answer these question and get back to me, and if not could you recommend somebody else. thank you for your time . - Cindy, Rocky Hill, CT
Answer The ultimate answer to your question needs to be qualified by your safety officer. In general, as long as the voltage is less than 250 VAC, then you can use standard ESD personnel grounding devices such as wrist straps and foot grounders that are UL listed (meaning they have at least a 1 megohm resistor in series to ground). In your case, if the equipment has a low impedance but high amperage output, this may need to be re-evaluated internally. The safety of the employee always comes first.
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