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Question But in concern with the Multimeter, you say that we need an instrument capable of readings in (4x10^6 - 9x10^6) ohms range for Statfree® T2 beige side. We have a Fluke that reads up to 20x10^6 ohms. Why do we have not a lecture in this case ?? - Anonymous, Argentina
Answer I believe there are tow more factors here. The Fluke meter may only make measurements with a 3 volt potential between the probes. If so, this may not be high enough to get an accurate reading. Our megohmeter measures at either 10 volts or 100 volts. The contact or surface area of the multi-meter is usually limited to the probes contact area, which with electronic meters is minute (<1mm sq). With an ESD megohmeter, the contact area is over 2.5" in diameter and with a constant 5 lb. pressure. This greatly reduces the contact resistance.
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