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Question There have been questions about what ionizers produce, specifically ozone. We are beginning an ESD program here and several people with respiratory problems have a concern about the emission of the ionizers. Do ionizers create ozone or any other substance that would affect asthmatics? I think that the answer is no,but you are the experts. -Anonymous, Austin, Texas
Answer From previously answered questions: http://www.esdsystems.com/QuestionsAndAnswers/ShowQuestion.aspx?i=265   

There is no confirmed proof that (though anecdotal evidence abounds) that sustained exposure to an ionized environment confirm these reports. (as reported several places on the WEB) For our corona based neutrualizing ionizers, the ozone output is well below the OSHA limit of 0.05ppm. The only type of ionization that we manufacture and sell are balanced corona based ionization. There are other types of ionization such as nuclear ionization, single polarity ionization (for supposed health benefits)

http://www.esdsystems.com/QuestionsAndAnswers/ShowQuestion.aspx?i=156 We are familiar with corona based ionization. If the unit is used properly, there are no known health risks associated with our devices. The emitters work at about 4-6 kV and can create ozone, but there have been no significant measurement of ozone from our emitter sets as all our existing units were tested and well below the OSHA limit of 0.05 ppm ozone
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