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Question I am trying to eliminate the use of personal radios on our production floor, specifically those with unshielded motors. We have a lot of very sensitive components (ESD thresholds 100V to 500V and in some cases <100V). The trouble is finding technical data in the form of published papers or books which document the effect of EMI and possible damage to these components. Limiting proximity to 12" is not practical as people usually have work directly in front of them and their Walkman is on the pants belt i.e. within the restricted zone. If you know of any technical information to support this elimination, it wouldbe very much appreciated if you could direct me to it. -Anonymous
Answer The typical EMI noise and other radiation emitted from personal radios are negligible relative to ESD concerns. The only concern would be the insulative case enclosing the electronics. The outer surface of these cases may be charge generative (may tribocharge and be the source of electric fields) and a concern if not kept at least 12 inches from sensitive components. You could control these with a topical antistat (low charging) solution such as Reztore™ Topical Antistat. Keeps triboelectric charges well below 200 volts per EIA-625. Hard coat formula offers protection that lasts four times as long as the other leading brands. Static dissipative - provides a safe path to ground. Non-toxic, safe to use. Removes contaminating particulate, minimizing possible ESD events. Do you currently used our ESD control products? In addition our web site incorporates eCommerce substantially reducing your transaction costs as you place orders for your ESD protective products on-line. Make your ESD control program click with us.
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