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Questions And Answers

# Question Rating Category(s) Date
29 What are the advantages of testing wrist straps with a wrist... 100% Floors
35 In calibrating the Combo Tester (model # 41203) we observed ... 95% Floors
68 I'm interested in the foot grounders but I'm not aware of wh... 100% Floors
87 I would like to know more about ionizer to dissipate [neutra... 40% Floors
115 During production we use metal racks to hold and transport o... 100% Floors
158 Is there a sign available, preferably 17"x22" that would sta... 0% Floors
206 I have been working in and around ESD sensitive equipment fo... 0% Floors
239 I have been taught that when repairing (working on the insid... 0% Floors
251 Wrist Strap Testing: Most wrist strap testers are calibrated... 0% Floors
271 When using a painted metal cart having insulative wheels and... 0% Floors
303 I have a few questions about grounding ESD carpet. 1. What i... 100% Floors
339 We are in the process of laying antistatic carpeting in the ... 0% Carpet, Floors
395 An untreated cement flooring may measure no static voltage e... 0% Floors, Floor Finish
404 What is the advantages and disadvantages of conductive floor... 100% Floors 12/6/1999
412 I’m looking for a floor tester that meets (Army Main Corp. R... 0% Floors, Standards
439 What is an ideal resistive range for a tiled floor? –Anonymo... 0% Floors, Standards
576 We have had EDS flooring tiles installed in our lab, and hav... 40% Floors
658 We are involved in the re-building of a company damaged by a... 100% Floors
668 We are manufacturing digital exchanges / switches for tele... 0% Floors 9/1/2000
669 Are your floor mats stand alone or do they have to be plugge... 0% Floors, Mats 9/1/2000